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Welcome to our blog site. Here you will find more information and content about who we are, our community service projects, collaborations with others, news updates, and sustainability training.


We are dedicated to helping our Nation’s heroes learn about sustainable building and green living, while helping ease the hardship of military-to-civilian transition. By empowering Veterans to become volunteer leaders in their communities, we nurture opportunities for continuing education, networking, employment, corporate engagement and green entrepreneurship.



Through collaboration, innovation and mutual respect, the USGBC Green Veterans Group fosters rapid deployment of sustainability initiatives with a strong emphasis on creating personal and  professional opportunities for Veterans and Civilians.



The value of good people on a team is unquestioned. While it’s always questionable to make a global statement about a group of individuals, it’s safe to state that, generally, Veterans bring to the table:

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  1. Eric Minghella


    A few years ago, my colleague Molly sent Green Veterans a blog post on how veterans can qualify for Social Security disability benefits at the same time as VA disability. Do you know if by any chance if it was ever used?

    If it was lost in the shuffle (completely understandable!), would you be interested in a new article? It would be no trouble at all to write another draft. I work for Disability Benefits Help and I can understand how confusing the process is.

    Please let me know if perchance the blog post was used, or if you’d like a new draft on how veterans can qualify for disability benefits. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Best Regards,

    Eric Minghella
    Outreach Specialist
    Disability Benefits Help

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